Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

The beauty of sampling

Carmine Villarreal November 12, 2020
Sampling has impacted hip-hop music in many meaningful ways
Jude Casanova (left) leads the cast in a dance number Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

TUPS continues annual “Rocky Horror Picture Show” tradition

Carmine Villarreal October 29, 2020
Performance is planned to be in-person through a shadow-cast performance with only five performers
Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

Japan’s abrasive and hidden noise punk scene

Carmine Villarreal October 29, 2020
Take a dive into the decades long music scene where a bulldozer, brain waves, and heartbeats are used as instruments
Photo credit: Gabrielle Rodriguez

A historical look at the day we know as Halloween

Carmine Villarreal October 28, 2020
The holiday has changed depending on time period and geographic location
Tartuffe Toy Theatre created by Scott Neale Photo credit: Claire Sammons

Trinity’s Tartuffe goes virtual after being postponed

Carmine Villarreal October 21, 2020
Students and faculty in the theatre dept. work together to put on Zoom production of Tartuffe
Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

Ethical streaming and supporting musicians in an age of monopolies

Carmine Villarreal October 14, 2020
How can we support our favorite artists when streaming platforms don’t give their artists fair payments?
The first year choir stretches to warm up Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

Trinity Choirs utilize technology to maintain safety

Carmine Villarreal September 30, 2020
Students and faculty merge computer science with music to prepare programs with a social message.
Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

Music students and instructors adhere to new safety guidelines

Carmine Villarreal September 23, 2020
Trinity’s orchestra and wind ensemble adjust to new method of rehearsing amidst COVID-19 restrictions.
Juliana Martinez Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

Theatre Department creates new virtual series

Carmine Villarreal September 16, 2020
Moving Forward: Voices, Stories, and Performances from the Trinity BIPOC community
Nearest to Closest: Lily Slemp, Amberle Heuiser,
Brylee Lavoie, Harrison Hall Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

Trinity’s Handbell Ensemble starts rehearsals with new restrictions

Carmine Villarreal September 10, 2020
With the new school year, Trinity's Handbell Ensemble is adjusting quickly despite setbacks.
One of Neales cats, Ted in the spotlight. Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

Trinity professor’s feline theater production makes it big

Carmine Villarreal September 3, 2020
Scott Neale's "Teatro Dei Gatti" demonstrates creativity during this past summer's quarantine
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