Looking forward to the new year: Seize the (syllabus) days

Coleen Grissom January 22, 2016

  My determination when I began writing an occasional column for this paper was to focus on what was at the top of my "short list" "” that ever looming array of concerns, issues, happenings...

Why I choose to remain in Texas

Why I choose to remain in Texas

Coleen Grissom November 7, 2015

  Gemini Ink, the literary arts organization in downtown San Antonio, honored me with the "Award of Literary Excellence" last Thursday evening at its annual INKstravaganza.   Even before the...

A trip down memory lane – and Beyond

Coleen Grissom October 10, 2015

  For several years, the senior director for alumni relations has invited me to share my impressions of current life on the Trinity campus in remarks during Alumni Weekend.  I've titled those...

All the possibilities

Coleen Grissom August 31, 2015

I title these columns, "The Short List," because my subject in each will be something that's in my thoughts or among my concerns and irritations at the time I compose the piece. At this initial...

Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are

Coleen Grissom May 4, 2015

Like every intelligent, judicious person in this area, I am a loyal Spurs fan.  I wear myself out running up and down that court with Tim and his younger teammates.  When their games are on the west...

The Most Valuable Aspect

Coleen Grissom April 11, 2014

In a recent interview, I said, "I want my students, no matter what their major, to speak well, to write well, to think critically."  All that is true, but I didn't have sufficient time to continue my...

The importance of preseverance

Coleen Grissom March 28, 2014

Resourcefulness and perseverance have always fascinated me.  My father possessed both these qualities  and made him a hero in my eyes.  For years I was wishy-washy about whether I should emulate those...

Celebrating Opportunities Here

Coleen Grissom February 28, 2014

I planned a Spring Break theme for this column "“ using quotes such as Wilson's "A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking." But, when I realized that the phrase,...

Cherishing what we love

Coleen Grissom February 15, 2014

It's Valentine's Day "“ a time to reflect on what and who we love and to marvel at the inflated cost of the simplest of cards.  What I and those around me value has always intrigued me, so, on this...

Books depict more than reality

Coleen Grissom January 31, 2014

Here I go again, sharing what's on my "short list" of concerns in a bi-monthly column for my favorite newspaper at my favorite university.  I seem never to grasp that elusive skill of saying "no." The...

The Gift of Giving

Coleen Grissom November 22, 2013

On the one hand, material gifts have never been particularly important to me.  Sure this is the result, in part, of having been born during the Great Depression and experiencing childhood during the Second...

Count your blessings

Coleen Grissom November 8, 2013

Endeavoring to recall scraps of something I read decades ago, the name of a minor actor in an old movie,  the closing chapter of a novel I last read when I was an undergraduate - these are some of the...

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