Interview with Jackson Albracht

Isaiah David Putman April 27, 2012

Jackson Albracht is the vocalist/lead guitarist/songwriter for the local SA band The Cartographers. IDP: When did you start The Cartographers and how have you been involved in the SA music scene? JA:...

James Woodard and “The Grasshopper Lies Heavy”

Isaiah David Putman April 20, 2012

The following information was collected from an interview with James Woodard. For the sake of space, this piece is arranged as a write-up rather than as the lengthy dialogue it turned out to be. James...

Interview with Jackson Floyd (Ronald Ray-Gun, Jasper’s Cast)

Isaiah David Putman April 13, 2012

Jackson Floyd is a former Trinity student from Nashville who is a member of the SA-based bands Ronald Ray-Gun and Jasper's Cast. IDP: How many bands have you been in since coming to Trinity? JF:...

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