Video games, aging and a goodbye

Judson Rose April 27, 2012

This is it: my last article ever for the Trinitonian. EVER. Hell, this is one of the last things I'll write while attending this university, assuming I actually graduate (I'm looking at you, History of...

“The Path” and avant-garde gaming

Judson Rose April 20, 2012

I absolutely love it when something about a piece in any medium is different, pushes this boundary and that and, above all, makes me think a little to understand what I'm seeing and why I'm feeling it...

Wii U: apology or affirmation?

Judson Rose April 12, 2012

In my mind, the Nintendo Wii failed in many regards as a home console, both from my self-aggrandizing games-are-art-and-motion-controls-suck perspective, but so too from a business standpoint. Will the...

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