Goodbye Trinity, Hello Greendale

Monica Clifford December 5, 2014

For my last A&E article ever (yikes!), I decided to write about my favorite comedy show of all time: "Community." This show is seriously so dear to me. I typically don't like sitcoms much. Sure,...

How love overcomes stereotypes

Monica Clifford November 21, 2014

I don't think I'm an expert on relationships by any means. I've made stupid mistakes"”I've been hurt, I've hurt others"”all the typical ups and downs of romantic interactions. But for this article,...

If You’re a Girl Who Doesn’t Read Comics

Monica Clifford November 15, 2014

A great thing about comics is that, in my opinion, they are as ubiquitous as film or TV or any other medium. Saying you read comics should really mean nothing. It just means you like comics! But for some...

In defense of the world’s most boring superhero

Monica Clifford November 7, 2014

Who likes Superman? Raise your hand. Now, I know I can't see you through the paper, but I'm guessing that there are very few of you. I used to be one of you! I used to think, "Man. Superman has got to...

A movie lover journeys through Cameoland

Monica Clifford October 24, 2014

I love watching movies for lots of reasons. A big reason, though, is naming the actors: I like to imagine my mind as a catalog for actors' faces and names and past films, so watching a film is an exercise...

To binge or not to binge? That is the question.

Monica Clifford October 10, 2014

With the advent and incredible popularity of things like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBOGo, and, well, less-than-legal sites, we now have basically unlimited content at our fingertips. Plus, we're in...

Diving into Deadpool with an X-pert

Monica Clifford October 3, 2014

So. It's finally happened. Fox has announced they're going to make a Deadpool movie. Its release date is supposedly February 12, 2016. No other details have been confirmed, although there are rumors about...

The Wire Wins it All

Monica Clifford September 26, 2014

Dear "The Wire," You are the greatest television series that ever was or ever will be. I'm sorry if that puts a heinous amount of pressure on you, and I understand such a superlative statement invites...

Crime week, part 2: The Onscreen Gangster

Monica Clifford September 26, 2014

In honor of the final season of one of my favorite HBO show, "Boardwalk Empire," this week I decided to write about my favorite portrayals of organized crime onscreen (that is, in television and in movies). First,...

Finding beauty and truth in the Bachelor

Monica Clifford September 21, 2014

Yes, I watch the show. Yes, I started doing so ironically and now...the lines are blurred. What is "The Bachelor"? Even if you've never seen it, you probably know the premise: one man, twenty-some...

The shopper’s guide to the galaxy, pt. 2: Thrifting in style

Monica Clifford September 19, 2014

Thrifting with friends is one of my absolute favorite activities. I try to go as often as possible, which with my busy schedule is only once every few weekends. Still, if I could, I'd go just about every...

Pop culture classics with Monica: The webslinger edition

Monica Clifford September 5, 2014

The "Spider-Man Blue" series is among my favorite Spider-Man comic books. If you fancy yourself a fan of the webhead, this is one book you'll want to check out. Even if you don't, or if you're a casual...

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