Author: Max Towers

First-year reflections

I’ll be honest: I lied on my housing survey. Against the advice of practically everyone that I asked, I evaluated myself on the characteristics which I wished I embodied. For me, that meant choosing traits like clean over messy, extrovert over introvert and night owl over morning person. I understand if you are sympathizing with my roommate right about now, thinking that he got stuck with a messy, socially awkward liar to live with for the better part of a year. Let me just say that I blame my high school. Around this time last year I had not...

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The caffeine-fueled search for your ‘third place’

Last Thursday I arrived at the Alamo Quarry Starbucks, intent on getting my calculus homework out of the way. To the dismay of both me and my dead computer, every seat adjacent to an outlet had been taken. I reluctantly forked over the price of a venti iced coffee and sat at a high table, limited to busywork that didn’t require a computer. After about 45 minutes, one woman packed up her things and left, leaving a coveted empty seat next to an outlet. With glee I flopped into it, a deserved reward for my patience. In the following...

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