Author: Noelle Barrera

Final Lennox Lecture explores ancient Egypt

Molly Swetnam-Burland, associate professor of classical studies at the College of William and Mary, closed out the 2017 Lennox Seminar lecture series on Nov. 27 with “After Actium: Embracing Egypt in Augustan Rome and Beyond.” Swetnam-Burland’s presentation focused on Egyptian artifacts found in Augustan Rome. While Augustus and his army conquered Egypt in 31 B.C., the Romans were fascinated by Egyptian culture and art. Swetnam-Burland argued that instead of viewing the artifacts in a political light, they could be best understood in an economic and aesthetic context. Egyptian art has long been understood as part of a Roman campaign...

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Trinity singers return from national convention

Trinity’s Chamber Singers were chosen to perform for the National Collegiate Choir Association in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The students and conductor Gary Seighman performed the program “Ring Out Ye Northern Ecstasies!” for a large audience of choir members. The students performed the morning of Friday, Nov. 3. The experience was stressful at times, with a long bus ride from San Antonio to Baton Rouge. “It was a whirlwind, because we were gone for 36 hours, 16 of which were on the bus, and 8 or so were asleep,” said senior Shane Bono, who recently took second in the Rosalind...

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Trinity’s Wind Ensemble hits a homerun with Fall Concert

Trinity’s Symphonic Wind Ensemble Fall Concert was a musical game of baseball. It may sound strange to compare a major league sport with a symphony of bassoons, oboes and saxophones, but the Fall Concert used notes and melodies to conjure a world of classic Americana. The concert, conducted by James Worman, began with “Early Light,” composed by Carolyn Bremer. I enjoyed how this song combined high pitches with lower ones, building up to a crescendo of melody, with a glockenspiel providing percussion throughout. After this song came a quartet of Maryland pieces composed by Jack Stamp. These pieces were augmented by...

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Rosalind Phillips vocal competition showcases student talent

Trinity is full of talented singers, but the Rosalind Phillips Vocal Excellence Competition singles out the best of the best. Kendall Walshak, junior psychology major, won first place in this year’s competition. Walshak, a mezzo-soprano, sang “In dem Schatten meiner Locken” by Hugo Wolf, “Where Corals Lie” from Edward Elgar’s “Sea Pictures” and “Faites-lui mes aveux” from Charles Gounod’s “Faust.” “I didn’t really know how to react to be honest, I was just super excited. It was just really cool, and an honor to be able to win. Out in the audience I had so many supporters, like my...

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Inktober: A yearly ink drawing marathon

Shadowy figures cackle in dark rooms, while their creation rises from the ashes. Twirling their instruments of mayhem maniacally, they celebrate the coming of October with a fearsome glee that may seem strange to outsiders; at last, everyone will see what they have done. This isn’t a description of a witch brewing a magic potion, or a scene from “Frankenstein.” It’s Inktober, a social media challenge that artists can participate in. The rules: Create something with ink and post it online with the hashtags #Inktober or #Inktober2017. Artist Jake Parker began the challenge in 2009 to improve his own...

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