Dr. Singh speaks with a group of students regarding Trumps recent travel ban

The importance of empathy

Dr. Simran Jeet Singh February 16, 2017

Let me start by stating the obvious "” there's a lot going on in our country right now. One of the toughest challenges in moments like these is the tension between wanting to be helpful and feeling...

Alumnus professor: How to succeed at Trinity and beyond

Dr. Simran Jeet Singh August 18, 2016

As someone who attended Trinity as a student and now teaches here, I have a few insights on how to survive and thrive on this campus. I don't want to divulge all of my secrets, but I am willing to share...

Why we should examine the causes of prejudice

Dr. Simran Jeet Singh October 30, 2015

In last week's Trinitonian, Professor David Crockett wrote about the importance of open and respectful dialogue on university campuses. I couldn't agree with him more on this point, and it makes me wish...

Returning to Trinity

Dr. Simran Jeet Singh August 31, 2015

It's a strange thing to be back at Trinity University. I graduated in 2006 majoring in English and Religion. Returning as a professor of religion almost a decade later makes me feel nostalgic. It also...

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