We must stop grieving the perpetrator

Sarah Topp March 22, 2013

In the wake of the the guilty verdicts in the rape trial of two high school students from Steubenville High School in Ohio, there seems to have been a forgetting of the true victim, which is the young...

“Women voters” don’t exist

Sarah Topp November 16, 2012

Since Election Day, there have been many headlines and reports identifying women as key to President Obama's reelection. The oft-cited statistic suggests that women, who comprised approximately 53 percent...

Local elections: where your vote really matters

Sarah Topp October 19, 2012

There is no disputing that it is an exciting time of year. With the election just a few weeks away, the news is full of stories about the candidates' latest campaign stops, and the nation is captivated...

Todd Akin comments shed light on unfortunate realities

Sarah Topp September 14, 2012

By now everyone has heard the name Todd Akin. After the U.S. senate candidate from Missouri claimed women cannot become pregnant from what he called "legitimate rape" because "the body has ways to shut...

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