AMC’s “Breaking Bad” is coming to an end, and that means Walter White’s transformative and crazy journey is coming to an end, too. The thirteenth episode, “To’hajiilee,” airs this Sunday, while the sixteenth and final episode, “Felina,” airs on the last Sunday of September. Only a year has elapsed in the show, but it has been five years since the show first aired. Walter White started as an unassuming, kind chemistry teacher who got the short end of the stick – lung cancer being the last nail in the coffin, literally. He uses his amazing talents at chemistry to make money for his family by making methamphetamine– meth, blue crystal, glass, ice, and shiny rocks in John’s dorm.

The following are some of the best, most far-fetched, believable worst theories about how Walter White’s journey will end. Warning: spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

Jesse and the DEA-D

Jesse Pinkman is possibly the only person that has to battle constantly with his guilt and conscience. As of late, Jesse has been dealing with his issues by acting impulsively and recklessly – and acting under the influence of coke (the no-no kind). Jesse will either commit suicide or Walter will be forced to kill Jesse to protect his family. A hint to Jesse’s end is the mug he drank coffee from at Hank’s place. It had the letters DEA on the side but something always blocked it. A theory is that the mug does not say DEA but, instead, says DEAD.

Walter Black

The flash-forward scenes in the opening scenes of part one and part two of season five are ripe with material perfect for theories. The name “Heisenberg” is spray-painted on the wall of his burned home. With his secret identity revealed, Walter cannot go running around the country eating at Denny’s and purchasing machine guns without getting caught. The reason that his neighbor Carol is so shocked to see Walter may not be because he is a criminal, but because he is supposed to be dead. Both Walter and Jesse have tried to escape their lives before; maybe Walter finally did it by faking his own death.

Skylar and Skyler

Walter seems to have a penchant for acquiring traits from people he murders. He starts cutting the ends off his sandwiches when he kills Krazy 8. He starts driving a Volvo when he kills Gus. In the flash-forward scene at Denny’s, Walter has taken on Skyler’s maiden name, and he arranges his bacon in the form of the number 51, something Skyler did for Walter on his birthdays. If you have not caught on yet, Walter will probably murder Skyler.


Saul’s license plate is partially covered by Walter and Jesse in one shot in the desert. It says WYRUP instead of LWYRUP. Last week’s episode had Jesse wired up (WYRUP) with a secret microphone so that Hank can record Walter admitting his crimes. The WYRUP rumors are not over yet, though. Walter looks as if he is wired up in the flash-forward scenes, which have convinced some that he has somehow become an informant. Why or for whom or what the hell is going on with this freaking show are all questions that need to be answered.

Walter in the Middle

The WYRUP might have been a stretch, but this theory is definitely the most believable. Walter White goes into the Witness Protection Program and takes on a new name, Hal. He meets someone named, Lois. They get married and have five children who are awful and bored all the time. Lots of hilarious shenanigans occur.