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In defense of TFL and free speech

Lutfi Sun November 14, 2018

In 1759, French authorities prohibited the book “De l’esprit” (On the Mind) by philosopher Helvétius and ruled that it was full of the most dangerous doctrines. His old friend Voltaire defended...

By Julia Poage

An ode to Trinity football’s 2018 season

Elise Hester November 14, 2018
Column: Hester's take on everything that makes Trinity football great
Photo credit: Kaitlyn Curry

Strike the FilmStruck iron while it’s hot

Rafaela Brenner November 14, 2018
Trinity community involved with film studies weigh in on streaming site's end
Photo credit: Elizabeth Nelson

Four residence halls slated for renovations this summer

Gabriella Garriga November 13, 2018
South, McLean, Herndon and Beze will receive 24.2 million dollars worth of updates
Photo credit: Elizabeth Nelson

Trinity Students react to midterm elections

Gabriella Garriga November 8, 2018
On Nov. 6, students gathered at watch parties to keep track of the results
Image provided by Chelsea Cole

Women’s Soccer Wins SCAC Title in Shutout Victories

Megan Flores November 8, 2018
Tigers defeat Schreiner and Southwestern to advance to Nationals
Photo credit: Kaitlyn Curry

Spring seniors lack voting power in SGA

Benjamin Gonzalez November 2, 2018
But is it an injustice or a necessary adjustment?
The search continues: Future assistant director for Greek life position still unknown

The search continues: Future assistant director for Greek life position still unknown

Jolie Francis November 2, 2018
With Allen leaving in two weeks, the committee continues the search for a new assistant director of Greek life and Coates Student Center
Avoiding social media wont cure all problems

Avoiding social media won’t cure all problems

Natalia Salas November 2, 2018

This week, I set out to prove people wrong about our generation. I went the whole week without using any social media, including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the intention of getting...

Exorcist clarifies misconceptions around demonic possession

Exorcist clarifies misconceptions around demonic possession

Gabriella Garriga November 1, 2018
Catholic Student Group organized for a pastor to speak about exorcism at a Halloween themed meeting
Photo credit: Kara Killinger

Memory vs. moments: Where’s the balance in life?

Kara Killinger November 1, 2018

This past weekend, I went on a student bus tour of the Isle of Skye in Northern Scotland. Each place the bus stopped could be a desktop background, which is probably why Kanye West and Harry Styles have...

Photo credit: Kaitlyn Curry

What Not to Wear: Halloween Edition

Mathilde Le Tacon October 26, 2018

With Halloween coming around in just a week, many students will be scrambling to pull their costumes together at the last minute. Even if it's just a quick trip to the store to grab some cat ears or a...

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