Learning styles: How do you study?

Learning styles: How do you study?

Identifying your learning style might make studying a lot easier
Riya Vankamamidi, Pulse Reporter March 23, 2023

“I had an inability to focus when it was just boring worksheets and reading and had a lot of restlessness in class,” Meredith Brashear, sophomore geoscience major, said. Brashear struggled with...

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Being limited by something isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Victoria Stringer October 31, 2019
Not only is it normal and human to have limitations, but those limitations do not have to be immovable roadblocks to success
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Running corrections on my admissions essay

Katy Browne, Arts and Entertainment Reporter October 3, 2019
Adult ADHD grows with you at its own pace
Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

Students on the autism spectrum bond over experiences in new support group

Noelle Barrera November 29, 2018
Academic coach Dema Stout hosts group for students to share challenges and successes of college life with autism

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