Museum etiquette: The aesthetics of respecting art

Museum etiquette: The aesthetics of respecting art

How social media and influencer culture has impacted the ways we interact with works of art
Abigail Hernandez, Arts and Entertainment Reporter September 8, 2022

With social media being a constant presence in our lives, it has seeped into areas where alternate forms of media and art are intended to be consumed. It’s common that when visiting a museum, there will...

McNay Art Museum hosts Limitless! Five Women Reshape Contemporary Art

McNay Art Museum hosts “Limitless! Five Women Reshape Contemporary Art”

Looking to support more female artists? The McNay's newest exhibition has you covered
Ashley Allen, Arts Columnist March 23, 2021

Having some trouble naming five women artists? You wouldn’t be the only one. Women have historically been at the disadvantage in the history of Western art. To combat this, we need to educate ourselves...

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