Enjoying Art in San Antonio

Enjoying Art in San Antonio

Hazel Mitchel-Gevirtz, Visual Editor/Special Sections Editor April 18, 2024

San Antonio’s arts scene is a thriving community fueled by the creativity and passion of local artists. From grassroots galleries to pop-up shows and art markets, this corner of the city offers a diverse...

The making of “The Mess We’ve Made”

The making of “The Mess We’ve Made”

5 senior art majors prepare their final exhibit at Trinity
Abby Jackson, Arts & Entertainment Reporter April 27, 2023

Trinity’s graduating class of 2023 includes five art majors: Isa Keene, Jessica Oskam, Ava Sommer, Ruby Walker and Sally Wyma. Together, they are displaying their work in the Michael and Noemi Neidorff...

From left to right: Students Tucker Craft, Jack Maxwell, and Logan Martinez view seal display

Student-written labels featured at San Antonio Museum of Art

Labels were written by students of the art history course This Is America
Ashley Allen, Arts Columnist September 23, 2021

Ever notice museum tags at the San Antonio Museum of Art written by your peers when walking through the galleries? During spring 2020 and 2021, Trinity students enrolled in the art history course “This...

Photograps from Charlie Morriss BLOODshotbloodSHOT

Artist Spotlight: Current events through the lens of Charlie Morris

University professor's photography project selected to be featured in Luxembourg exhibition
Ashley Allen, Arts Columnist September 9, 2021

I sat down with Charlie Morris, mixed media artist and adjunct professor in the art and art history department, to talk about his recent work. Morris’s photography project, BLOODshotbloodSHOT, shot in...

Talking to students about the intersection of art and mental health

Talking to students about the intersection of art and mental health

A music student, fine arts student and creative writing student share the benefits of making art
Ayden Smith, Arts Reporter April 18, 2021

The past year has been unkind to mental health. Quarantine has revealed the benefits and the importance of community — as restrictions lift and life returns to a semblance of normal, the negative effects...

Mini exhibit discusses gender, violence, power

Maya Neufeld-Wall November 13, 2019
Three separate groups of seniors curate the annual art show without help of gallery manager
Quinn Bender Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Student Artist Spotlight: Quinn Bender

Savannah Wahlgren September 26, 2019
Combining a passion for photography and experimenting results in a feature on a website
Photo credit: Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh

Three majors, a website and a sketchbook

Austin Davidson September 12, 2019
From interests in semi-pro doodling to Pokemon to watercolors, Elyse Andrews does it all
Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Separating the art from the artist

Rachel Poovathoor February 13, 2019
Recent docu-series brings back to light issues involving R. Kelly
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo credit: Kathleen Creedon

Mini Mania

Noor Rahman February 3, 2019
Student art fills the walls of the Neidorff Gallery in annual showing
What Dicke-Smith has to offer for non-majors

What Dicke-Smith has to offer for non-majors

Calliope Izquierdo August 23, 2018
Art, music departments provide resources, avenues for involvement
photo provided by Max Towers, opinion columnist

Firefights, friendships and Fortnite

Max Towers February 21, 2018

As the storm rages inward and your team forges ahead, there are few greater feelings than performing as a single unit in order to achieve victory. Fortnite, the highly popular third-person shooter videogame,...

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