Trinity cat by feeding station

Cat Alliance Trinity seeks to become a Registered Student Organization

RSO status would bring increased visibility to the needs of the campus cats
Emma Power, Pulse reporter February 10, 2022

Most Trinity students have heard about the Cat Alliance Trinity (CAT) at some point during their time here, whether by involvement in the 70-plus member group or through encounters with many of the 22...

Keeping up with the Trinicats

Keeping up with the Trinicats

Dana Nichols March 23, 2020

Photo by Kathleen Creedon This article is a part of the Trinitonian’s coverage of Trinity University’s response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Click here to read the rest of our coverage. Following...

Whats black and white and seen all over?

What’s black and white and seen all over?

Jolie Francis September 19, 2019

Photo by Genevieve Humphreys. After three years without a single skunk sighting, junior Triniti Lemmons has had three encounters with skunks this semester alone. “I was walking back from the library...

Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Cat Alliance deals with abandoned animals

Kara Killinger January 23, 2019

Which new cats can stay on campus, and which ones have to go? Mindy Morales, Trinity’s computer aided drafting technician and director of the Cat Alliance, said that the answer is as much up to Trinity’s...

sami pynes (FY) petting bowie Photo credit: Elizabeth Nelson

Overheard at Trinity post causes trinicat debate

Julia Weis October 19, 2018

When junior Abbi Bowen posted a photo of a mauled bird carcass on the Overheard at Trinity Facebook page, she was hoping to spark a debate about the role of cats on campus. “We just need to rile...

The evolving history of Trinity and Fiesta

The evolving history of Trinity and Fiesta

Noelle Barrera April 8, 2018

Trinity University was founded in 1869, and Fiesta began in San Antonio not long after in 1891. Fiesta originated as Fiesta San Jacinto, a salute to the heroes of the Alamo and San Jacinto battles. Since...

Burning Questions: And on the First Day, We Created a Q&A

Burning Questions: And on the First Day, We Created a Q&A

Kathleen Creedon February 8, 2018

Is there a weekly comic strip in the Trinitonian? We have a bi-weekly comic strip in our Opinion section, created by staff illustrator Andrea Nebhut. Can you deliver the Trinitonian to faculty inboxes? We’ll...

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