YCT ‘communist cookies’ tabling event sparks campus-wide conversation

YCT ‘communist cookies’ tabling event sparks campus-wide conversation

Identical tabling was done in 2018, which garnered extensive student response
Emma Utzinger, News Reporter October 28, 2021

On Wednesday, Oct. 13, students from the Young Conservatives of Texas hosted a tabling event where they passed out fortune cookies and discussed Chinese communism. Oct. 1 is the anniversary of the founding...

Graphic by Alexandra Parris

Continuing the debate: Capitalism, communism, Mao

Ian Dill November 8, 2018

The recent article published by Maddie D’Iorio in defense of Tigers for Liberty’s “Commie Cookies” display is worth reading. It clearly establishes that Tigers for Liberty (TFL) is concerned with...

Graphic by Alexandra Parris

Commie cookies and Chinese caricatures

Olivia Roybal October 18, 2018

This Tuesday, Tigers for Liberty (TFL) set up a display in Coates about the horrors of Mao ZeDong’s leadership in China. The table featured “Commie Cookies,” fortune cookies stuffed with slips of...

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