Crossword 2/14 - Serenade your valentine with classic love songs

Crossword 2/14 – Serenade your valentine with classic love songs

Ava Peinhardt, Managing Editor February 16, 2024

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Crossword 2/16

Crossword 2/16

Jacob Palmer, Opinion Columnist February 15, 2024

Across 2. Google’s productivity software suite 8. Creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise 9. A victim of pumpkin soup 10. Green, gold, and purple 11. A time of great academic hardship 12. The...

Love and Sex Crossword

Love and Sex Crossword

Hazel Mitchel-Gervitz, Visual Editor/Special Sections Editor February 8, 2024

Across 6. European capital known as the "City of Love" 7. Country that famously celebrates National Breakup Day 8. Romantic correspondence expressing affection 9. A favorite Valentine's day flower 9....

2/2 Crossword – Celebrate Black History Month: Names to know

Sarah Fisher, Editor-in-Chief February 1, 2024

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Crossword 1/26 - Winter Pop Culture Moments

Crossword 1/26 – Winter Pop Culture Moments

Sarah Fisher, Editor-in-Chief January 29, 2024

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Crossword 11/3

Hazel Mitchel-Gervitz, Visual Editor November 9, 2023

Across 2. Assyrian general slain by Judith, and the topic of many a Baroque painting 6. Anonymous instagram account where students air grievances 8. Loving nickname for Spur's new rookie 10. Titular...

Halloween Crossword

Hazel Mitchel-Gervitz, Visual Editor November 9, 2023

Across 5. Spooky face carved into a pumpkin 8. Halloween costume accessory for hiding one's identity 9. Author of the classic Gothic novel "Dracula" 10. Spooky mansion 11. Witch's transportation 12....

Winter is coming...and so is the crossword

Winter is coming…and so is the crossword

Hazel Mitchel-Gevirtz, Visual Editor November 9, 2023

Across 5. The centerpiece of many Thanksgiving feasts. 6. The title of a famous Shakespearean tragedy set in Scotland. 7. Lost to the Rangers in the 2023 World Series. 8. The day when night and...

Concept: How well did you read this issue?

Catherine Zarr, Pulse Editor October 27, 2023

Across: 4. Head coach of Trinity women’s basketball team 5. Genre of Italian thrillers “The Fall of the House of Usher” is inspired by 7. Go to Mabuhay to see this type of dance 8. Artist...

10/6 Crossword: Wellness

October 6, 2023

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Crossword for 9/29: Hazel’s popular words

Hazel Mitchel-Gervitz, Guest Columnist September 28, 2023

Across 3. A popular puzzle game where you fit various shapes into a grid 5. The Roman god of wine, revelry, and festivities 7. The mathematical concept where a line approaches but never reaches a curve 9....

Crossword: Celebrating Fall Together

Hazel Mitchel-Gervitz, Visual Editor September 21, 2023

Down 1. Inoculation against influenza 3. Autumnal sport, for short 4. A place to visit a pumpkin 5. A Starbucks fall signature 6. Fashion print popular in the season 7. Fall flower known for...

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