Students participating in SASAs Diwali

Trinity’s annual Diwali event brings together community

SASA celebrated the Festival of Lights with dance, cuisine and sparklers
Eve Slemp, News Reporter November 9, 2023

In this year’s “Diwali: The World Premiere,” the South Asian Student Association (SASA) showcased South Asian culture through dance performances, authentic South Asian cuisine from local San Antonio...

Diwali: A celebration of culture and light.

Diwali: A celebration of culture and light.

Diya Contractor, Pulse Intern October 27, 2022

Like chaotic children, a group of fathers ran giggling with glee across the road. Parents clutched their kids and began muttering their prayers. People had tied dynamite fireworks together, just as they...

Diwali brings together Trinity community

Diwali brings together Trinity community

Savannah Wahlgren November 7, 2019
The South Asian Student Association’s (SASA) annual Diwali event was held this past Saturday, and members of the Trinity community gathered to enjoy the festivities through an entertaining performance and great food.
Natashas Kitchen: Diwali Delights

Natasha’s Kitchen: Diwali Delights

Natasha Sahu November 6, 2019

Photo by Kayla PadillaFall is one of the most important times for a Hindu. Cultural festivals come at you at least once a week, and you have to be extroverted enough to keep up. Every year, my mom has...

All performing groups featured during the show gather on-stage to close out the festival. A consistently well-received event, this year’s Diwali featured people of all backgrounds celebrating South Asian culture. Photo by Amani Canada

Diwali delights with dance and more

Georgie Riggs November 9, 2017

Saturday, Nov. 4, the South Asian Student Association (SASA) celebrated Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, with its annual performance. This year's celebration, comprised of dance, song, acting and...

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