Photo credit: Elizabeth Nelson

Cast bases “Cities of Memory” on personal experiences

Savannah Wahlgren January 23, 2020

Photo by Elizabeth NelsonA quintessential play is structured around a script. The actors and director can either take the instructions from it or morph them in their own artistic and creative way. In the...

Quinn Bender Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Student Artist Spotlight: Quinn Bender

Savannah Wahlgren September 26, 2019

Photo by Matthew ClaybrookSenior art major Quinn Bender’s photography is abstract and experimental. And as of recently, it’s for sale. Bender’s was featured on ArtStartArt, a website...

Photo credit: Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh

Aesthetic philosophy from your local gothic madman

James Davis September 10, 2019

Photo by Oliver Chapin-EiserlohLittle to no makeup and simple sturdy clothes: practicality. Perfect makeup and hair, and neat clothes: dedication and organization. Wild colors and big spikes: freedom,...

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