Ballin’ out over the break

Ballin’ out over the break

Elise Hester November 29, 2018

Though there are no games during finals, in the past players have found ways to make up for tests when they were on the road. “In the past, I have had to work on take home exams on the same day as...

Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Three finals in one day? You can change that

Jolie Francis November 15, 2018

Following revisions to the Courses of Study Bulletin, students will no longer be required to take three final exams in one day. The new policy puts a formal procedure into effect for coordination between...

Illustration by Liz Day, graphics editor

The importance of reading days

Noelle Barrera April 26, 2018

Reading days this year extend from next Monday to next Tuesday this year. These days give students a chance to prepare for finals without the interruption of classes. According to the Student Handbook,...

illustration by Julia Poage

Pedraza’s Predictions: The NBA Finals

Antonio Pedraza April 26, 2018

It is that time of year again, the National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs have finally come around. This time of year can be both the best and the worst for the fans of the NBA, depending on who...

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