Invalidating feelings invalidates a friend

Invalidating feelings invalidates a friend

To be a good friend, you might have to go against a natural instinct — wanting your friend to be continuously happy.
Emma Power, Opinion columnist April 6, 2023

“Don’t get mad!” “Oh, don’t cry!” “It’s OK.” As friends, we say and hear these phrases all the time because we want our friends to always be happy, just like they want the same for us....

Long distance friendships: Friends here and friends there

Long distance friendships: Friends here and friends there

The dilemma of maintaining friendships when you both move away to college
Joshua Mitra, News Reporter February 9, 2023

High school presents individuals with some of the most formative experiences of their lives. Through four years of academic, social and personal highs and lows, students leave with a new perspective of...

Harrison Hartman Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

First-Years Learn to Make Connections During COVID-19

Victoria Henretty September 23, 2020
Extra barriers to finding friends are presented by the coronavirus.
Photo credit: Ren Rader

College Dating 101

Yukiko Yamazaki September 10, 2020
What I wish I knew about dating as a freshman
College can be a safe haven for LGBTQ+ students

College can be a safe haven for LGBTQ+ students

Logan Crews March 26, 2020
Leaving unaccepting home environments to go to university is a life-altering relief.
Towers and Tigers

Towers and Tigers

Jacob Jankowski February 13, 2020
Why Dungeons and Dragons and the TriniD&D club are important to so many Trinity Students, including me
Photo credit: Ren Rader

Learning to let go of toxic friends

Natalia Salas February 13, 2020
While we sometimes lose touch with friends as a result of drifting apart, there are instances where we must self-assess and decide what is best for us: keeping a friend or letting them go.
Kayla Padilla is holding a handful of valentine cards Photo credit: Elizabeth Nelson

Rediscover the childhood wonder of valentines

Kayla Padilla February 13, 2020
Use this holiday to show your love through cards
The path of navigating intimacy in relationships

The path of navigating intimacy in relationships

Joshua Anaya February 13, 2020
Closeness can be scary, but making connections with others is worth the risk

You are never alone in feeling lonely

Dana Nichols January 30, 2020
Most of us have experienced and had to adjust to the coming-and-going of temporary visitors in life — so why don't we talk about it?
Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

What makes a relationship truly “toxic?”

Dana Nichols September 30, 2019
Determining whether a relationship is salvageable or if it's time to "drop" them
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

How to date your friend this Valentine’s Day

Kara Killinger February 6, 2019
Being single can be a blessing, even on the day of love
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