Harry Styles being attacked by bees at the Grammys, color version

Another year, another round of Grammys backlash

Beyoncé’s snub highlights the fading credibility and relevance of the Recording Academy
Logan Crews, Editor-in-Chief February 16, 2023

If you haven’t already, it might be time to let go of the Grammy Awards as an actual authority on music. This year, the Recording Academy again failed to escape its regular accusations of racism and...

“My Policeman” and queerbaiting

“My Policeman” and queerbaiting

Logan Crews, Editor-in-Chief October 27, 2022

“My Policeman” starring Harry Styles, David Dawson and Emma Corrin hit select theaters on Oct. 21 and simultaneously crushed much of the negative press it received prior to release. There are valid...

Don’t Worry, Darling — it’s just publicity... isn’t it?

Don’t Worry, Darling — it’s just publicity… isn’t it?

Olivia Wilde’s film under fire after the release of a clip starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh
Madison Haxton, Art and Entertainment Reporter September 8, 2022

Internationally renowned English singer-songwriter Harry Styles is not particularly known for his acting prowess. Though he performed well in Christopher Nolan’s 2017 award-winning film “Dunkirk,”...

Photo credit: Kara Killinger

Memory vs. moments: Where’s the balance in life?

Kara Killinger November 1, 2018

This past weekend, I went on a student bus tour of the Isle of Skye in Northern Scotland. Each place the bus stopped could be a desktop background, which is probably why Kanye West and Harry Styles have...

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