“Hellraiser:” Who are you calling Pinhead?

“Hellraiser:” Who are you calling ‘Pinhead?’

Director David Bruckner's 2022 film sets a new gold standard for horror reboots
Om Dighe, Arts and Entertainment Reporter October 27, 2022

“Hellraiser” is a 2022 reboot of the horror franchise of the same name. This is the third film from director David Bruckner (“The Night House”), and stars Odessa A’zion (“Grand Army”), Jamie...

Don’t watch “Don’t Breathe 2”

Don’t watch “Don’t Breathe 2”

Trigger warning: Mentions of sexual assault, forced pregnancy
Om Dighe, Opinion Columnist March 3, 2022

“Don’t Breathe 2” is a 2021 horror film directed by Rodo Sayagues and written by Sayagues and Fede Alvarez. The film once again stars Stephen Lang as the Blind Man, and it follows him as he ventures...

Scream review

Scream review

Om Dighe, Arts and Entertainment reporter February 10, 2022

“Scream” is the fifth film in the slasher series of the same name. Confusingly, it is a sequel to “Scream 4” and is not a reboot of the franchise or a remake of the 1996 film. The film follows...

Cheesy horror is back: A review of Malignant

Cheesy horror is back: A review of “Malignant”

The director of "The Conjuring" brings the aesthetic of '80s horror into 2021
Om Dighe, Arts Columnist October 21, 2021

"Malignant" is the latest horror film from James Wan, the director of "Saw," "Insidious," "The Conjuring," "Furious 7" and "Aquaman." The film stars Annabelle Wallis (from "Peaky Blinders") as Madison,...

Midnight Mass delivers in performance, production

Midnight Mass delivers in performance, production

Known for "The Haunting of Hill House," "The Haunting of Bly Manor," Make Flanagan excels again
Om Dighe October 14, 2021

Mike Flanagan is easily one of the best directors working in the horror genre today. Starting off with the independent films “Absentia,” “Oculus,” “Hush” and “Before I Wake,” he later moved...

Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

Queer coding of American classic horror films

Savannah Wahlgren October 28, 2020

illustration by Kate NuelleWhen modern audiences look back on classic horror movies, there’s a general consensus that these films are no longer scary. It makes sense when the horror films of today...

“The Lighthouse”: A mesmerizing gem

“The Lighthouse”: A mesmerizing gem

Evan Engelhaupt October 31, 2019

illustration by Andrea NebhutFall is an interesting time for movies. The summer blockbusters have passed, and the big end of the year films, like Star Wars, have yet to release. This leaves the months...

Pictures scream louder than words

Pictures scream louder than words

Jocelyn Suarez October 24, 2019

Photo by Mona MirpourThere is an unflinching horror within the manga section of your local bookstore. Manga, like any good graphic novel or comic, has the power to reveal a mirror to the reader's heart...

Collaborative podcast “Such a Nightmare” combines cinematic analysis with humor

Collaborative podcast “Such a Nightmare” combines cinematic analysis with humor

Noelle Barrera October 24, 2019

Photo by Mona MirpourFor the past year, sophomore Anthony Tresca and Katherine Troyer, assistant director for programs in the Collaborative for Learning and Teaching (CLT), have been recording episodes...

(left to right) Gigi Hermon, Sophia Elsadig, Aria Gaston-Panthaki, Anthony Tresca, Jude Casanova Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Girls just want to have blood

Noelle Barrera February 20, 2019

Photo by Matthew Claybrook"Vampire Lesbians of Sodom," a theatre lab show directed by Sarah Bastos and based on a script written by Charles Busch in 1984, premiered in the Ruth Taylor Theatre Building...

Illustration by Andrea Nebhut

Cry “Mother!” New movie divides audiences

Noelle Barrera October 3, 2017

It's a situation that's been explored before in many cinematic and literary works: a gifted man whose wife works in the shadows, unacknowledged, yet is constantly expected to make sacrifices for his happiness....

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