Photo credit: Gracen Hoyle

Bigotry shouldn’t be seen as a valid viewpoint

Julian Valdez September 16, 2020

illustration by Gracen Hoyle It seems the more and more we try to make society inclusive and tolerable of others, the more certain viewpoints get silenced. This is relevant on social media where profiles...

Coed Greek life could eliminate supportive spaces

Coed Greek life could eliminate supportive spaces

Benjamin Gonzalez August 15, 2018

Breaking down barriers and eliminating gender exclusivity sounds, on paper, like the perfect way to push society towards a more welcoming and diverse environment. That is why many are beginning to advocate...

graphic by Tyler Herron

From the Editors’ Desk: It ain’t easy being inclusive

Editorial Staff September 28, 2017

Measuring diversity is easy. Take a population, carve it up in terms of the categories you're interested in "” what'll it be today, ethnicity? Gender? Make sure the percentages total to 100, and now...

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