Letter to the Editor: Response to MSA

Morgan Powers, Guest Columnist March 7, 2024

I hadn't intended on publicly stating any further opinions, as the geopolitical situation has become sufficiently complicated that prudence mandates discretion. However, as a column has now been published...

Letter to the Editor: Andrew M. Wells, Ph.D.

Letter to the Editor: Andrew M. Wells, Ph.D.

Andrew M. Wells, Guest Columnist September 28, 2023

To the Editor: In its Sept. 22 edition, the Trinitonian reported on the state of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs at higher education institutions in Texas. The author very helpfully illustrated...

Photo from a Sperm and Ova squad advertisement in the October 15, 1982 Trinitonian.

Letter to the editor

Paul Myers, Guest Columnist March 30, 2023

Submitted by Paul Myers, professor of computer science. To the Editor: Every few years a Trinitonian article appears recounting an old Trinity tradition, the Sperm & Ova. This last (March 3)...

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Arianna Siddiqui February 21, 2019
Last week's editorial was disheartening and disappointing
Take advantage of campus journalism

Take advantage of campus journalism

Editorial Board August 23, 2018

As you get more settled into the new year, we at the Trinitonian urge you to think about what makes you excited and angry about our campus. We hope that you will see the Trinitonian as an opportunity to...

The Balreira family, photo provided by Jeanna Balreira

Letter to the editor: Equality for Trinity’s staff parental leave

Jeanna Balreira April 25, 2018

To the Editor: I appreciated the opportunity to give some thoughts and feedback as a part of the article from last week’s issue, “New Parental Leave Policy for Trinity Faculty.” While I thank Trinitonian...

graphic by Tyler Herron

We don’t need more dead white guys’ literature

Carl Teegerstrom April 22, 2018

Responding to complaints about not reading enough dead white guys by using the work of a dead white guy: In the last issue of the Trinitonian there was a column bemoaning how the Pathways curriculum...

illustration by Julia Poage, staff illustrator

Letter to the editor: Renters’ rights aren’t so bad

Greg Pape April 18, 2018

To professor Christine Drennon, director of the urban studies department, and Bobby Watson, Trinitonian reporter. This is to provide a response to some of the representations in the April 14 Trinitonian...

graphic by Tyler Herron

Letter to the editor: I’m not proud of TU

Denise Boehm April 13, 2018

Esteemed Editor: Your April 4 Trinitonian editorial, “Don’t stop donating over Parscale” implies that Trinity only found out about the possibility of Parscale’s alleged malfeasance regarding...

graphic by Tyler Herron

Letter to the Editor: Describing mental health

Harold Maio April 11, 2018

In response to Noelle Barrera’s April 4 column, “Admirable movement, flawed manifesto.” Three metaphors that are, to me, problematic appeared in the article. First, “According to the Guardian...

Letter: Go out and vote!

Letter: Go out and vote!

Maddie Kennedy February 28, 2018

As a Trinity Progressive officer, one of my main aspirations is to encourage Trinity’s community to engage with local politics ahead of the 2018 midterm election cycle. A key part of this involves the...

graphic by Tyler Herron

Answering the teach-in’s questions

Cristian Vargas September 12, 2017

Last Friday, I had the privilege of speaking to several students at the Senate Bill 4 teach-in in Coates University Center. Admittedly, I had not originally planned on doing so, but was given the opportunity...

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