Carefully representing grief in Marvel’s “WandaVision”

Carefully representing grief in Marvel’s “WandaVision”

Viewers can find solace in Marvel’s critically acclaimed short series
Ayden Smith, Arts Reporter November 8, 2021

I am usually behind the times when it comes to popular television shows and movies, and my ability to keep up has only gotten worse with the emergence of countless streaming services. For instance, I watched...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

“Aquaman” holds no water to “Moana”

Elise Hester January 22, 2019

”Aquaman” made a billion dollars — staggering, especially considering that “Aquaman” is not a good movie. There were several contradictions to “Justice League,”...

illustration by Julia Poage, staff illustrator

A changing movie scene, an evolution of demographic and marketing

Austin Davidson April 26, 2018

This year has already seen one of the biggest superhero movies ever, “Black Panther”, hit the screen and smash multiple records. The film has already made over $1.3 billion dollars and had one of...

TDC discusses racial representation in comic books

TDC discusses racial representation in comic books

Cathy Terrace February 14, 2018

In anticipation of the opening of “Black Panther,” the first major film featuring a black superhero protagonist, Trinity Diversity Connection (TDC) hosted a diversity dialogue called "Who Gets to be...

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