Matthew Hibbs sits in his brightly lit office as he tutors one of his computer science students.

TU Cribs: Hibbs’ Crib

A peek into the naked mole-rat themed office of Matthew Hibbs
Audrey Deering, Pulse Editor March 24, 2022

Students who take advantage of office hours might feel curious about the countless treasures that line the walls and shelves of their professors. Each office hosts a collection that has clearly been...

Matthew Hibbs teaches his computer science class about video games. photo by Allison Wolff, staff photographer

Computer science students create their own video games

Amber Adickes April 4, 2018

Video games have come a long way from the Pac-Man and Tetris days. According to Pew Research Center, about half of American adults played video games on a computer, TV, game console or portable device...

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Matthew Hibbs