Students seek aid for burnout

Students seek aid for burnout

Chapel Spiritual Life can provide a safe space for internal conflicts
Ivanna Bass Caldera, News Reporter April 14, 2022

This semester, Trinity University held spring break from March 5 – 13, the earliest spring break that has been held in several years. Although it had already been set on an earlier date, it came sooner...

Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Natural State Dharma Group learns to meditate

Marielle Anne Sambilay February 6, 2020
Group meets weekly in chapel to discuss Buddhist practices
photo by Allison Wolff, staff photographer

TUfit promotes health, wellness for reading days

Hailey Wilson April 18, 2018

Before TUfit was established, students looking to get active would typically turn to intramural sports, outdoor recreation, or the Bell Center. Now, TUfit aims to be Trinity’s premier health and wellness...

graphic by Tyler Herron

Ways to achieve a healthy night’s sleep

Ariana Razavi September 6, 2017

As millennials, we have the habit of having our phones or laptops to our faces all the time. This isn't a great, generation-wide habit, as you may have heard your parents tell you a million times. Technological...

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