Black History Month Spotlight: Naya Rivera

Black History Month Spotlight: Naya Rivera

Trinity students share how the late star's character on Glee impacted them
Kayla Padilla, Editor-in-Chief February 12, 2021

Santana Lopez, Naya Rivera’s most memorable television character, served as a vessel for the Afro-Latinx queer experience for countless young girls. The late actress, who was tragically recovered on...

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Recognizing privilege during COVID-19

Natalia Salas March 30, 2020
In light of campus closure, we must remember the marginalized populations that are most at-risk
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Why “not like the other girls” is harmful

Natalia Salas February 27, 2020
The trope of "not being like the other girls" suggests that femininity is undesirable and implies that women are only meant to impress men.
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Learning to let go of toxic friends

Natalia Salas February 13, 2020
While we sometimes lose touch with friends as a result of drifting apart, there are instances where we must self-assess and decide what is best for us: keeping a friend or letting them go.
We must recognize films made by women

We must recognize films made by women

Natalia Salas January 30, 2020
While films such as "Booksmart" and "Little Women" are made by women and about women, they should be watched and supported by everyone.
Natalia had just arrived in London when she decided to take a walk over the bridge overlooking the London eye and the scaffolding on the Big Ben. The sun was going down as she was on her way to dinner. Photo credit: Natalia Salas

Missing out on the world is scarier than missing out on Trinity’s campus life

Natalia Salas November 22, 2019
It may be hard to believe for some, but fear of missing out on the rest of the world is a real thing.
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Travel paradises come with a cost

Natalia Salas November 7, 2019

Illustration by Ren Rader“Traveling” was my immediate answer when anyone asked what I was looking forward to during my semester abroad. By the looks of the Instagram and Snapchat stories of...

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Male entitlement and the right to public space

Natalia Salas October 28, 2019

Illustration by Ren RaderHaving spent only two months abroad in a city as busy and crowded as London, I’ve begun to notice certain social interactions that I was more or less oblivious to, or at...

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Gun control PSAs place responsibility on the wrong people

Natalia Salas October 3, 2019

Illustration by Andrea NebhutOn Sept. 17, I saw a Sandy Hook Promise PSA going around about school shootings, as I’m sure many of you have seen by now. It was about “back-to-school” products,...

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Oops, I was wrong! I’ve been culturally shocked!

Natalia Salas September 16, 2019
Experiencing new student orientation in a drastically different way
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Signing, packing and making the most

Natalia Salas September 5, 2019

Illustration by Ren Rader, guest contributorHello from abroad, Trinity! This semester, I’ll be writing in from London, as I’ve decided to join about 40 percent of students (according to an...

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Defend women for the right reasons

Natalia Salas May 2, 2019
Why the argument that victims could be your "sister, mom or girlfriend" hurts more than helps
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