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Alumni donation to fund food for off-campus parties

Kaylie King September 3, 2018
While SPIn recommends hosts to provide food, cost has prevented implementation of the policy
Constantine Kouldukis, left, and Gabriel Levine, right, enjoy living the frat life together. photo by Amani Canada, photo editor

Living among the frat boys

Gabriel Levine February 22, 2018

With senior year at Trinity comes the opportunity to live off campus. For most people, this involves either an apartment or a house with one to three other people. I, however, decided to go for the sitcom...

Sidewalk Symposium: Living on or off campus for seniors?

Sidewalk Symposium: Living on or off campus for seniors?

Gabriella Garriga February 17, 2018

Caleb Barbor, senior finance major, lives in City Vista. “I think City Vista is a good middle ground. When you rent a house, you get more exposed to cooking and things like that, but when you’re...

Best For Trinity 2018

Best For Trinity 2018

Editorial Staff January 17, 2018

Winner: Bird Bakery Finalists: Bakery Lorraine, Nothing Bundt Cakes OK, I get it — the cupcakes are delicious. The tables are twee. And the latte is filled with enough sugar to make it more dessert...

graphic by Tyler Herron

From the Editors’ Desk: First as tragedy, then as farce

Editorial Staff September 7, 2017

There was once a time when students' access to campus was controlled by two simple variables: whether you had a key to your dorm, and whether the building's doors were unlocked. In 2001, the Association...

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