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A day in the life of the Tiger Card Office

Marielle Anne Sambilay January 30, 2020
Everything the Tiger Card touches is their kingdom
Photo credit: Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh

Admin. decision: Chick-fil-A stays

Gabriella Garriga August 29, 2019
Despite SGA resolution, university keeps restaurant in Revolve
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

New dining options find success on campus

Kaylie King April 15, 2019
Staff and students reflect on Starbucks and the new meal swipe exchange policy
Lisa Gonzales at Steak n Shake Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Before the serving line: Where your food comes from

Jolie Francis February 13, 2019
Employees work to make sure campus dining delivers freshly-prepared food, uses local produce
Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Dining Services continues to augment dining options on campus

Kaylie King January 23, 2019
Food and juice truck open; New dining venue planned for Chapman or Halsell
Promised dining options to open soon

Promised dining options to open soon

Kaylie King September 24, 2018
After delays, the end of food service construction is finally in sight
ACU partnered with Bird scooters. Should Trinity?

ACU partnered with Bird scooters. Should Trinity?

Jolie Francis September 6, 2018
San Antonio's first "last-mile" transportation is already taking over campus
Starbucks opening delayed

Starbucks opening delayed

Kaylie King September 5, 2018
Permitting issues push opening of new library coffee option to Oct. 15
The cashier stand, the covered salad bar, and the new Daily Grind Photo credit: Elizabeth Nelson

Aramark brings new dining options to Trinity students

Kaylie King August 15, 2018
Some of the promised changes have been put in place, while others will be completed throughout the year.
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Previously, on SGA: Call Me Mabee

Kathleen Creedon March 1, 2018

This covers the SGA meeting on Feb. 26.   GUEST COMMENTS David Tuttle, dean of students; Bruce Bravo, senior director of conferences and auxiliary services; and Paul Wright, director of business...

graphic by Tyler Herron

From the Editors’ Desk: Aramark renewal an opportunity to affect real change

Editorial Staff March 1, 2018

When we first heard that the Dining Services Request for Proposals (RFP) committee had opted to renew the university’s contract with Aramark, newsroom opinions were divided. Were we really going to...