Previously, on SGA: Call Me Mabee


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This covers the SGA meeting on Feb. 26.



David Tuttle, dean of students; Bruce Bravo, senior director of conferences and auxiliary services; and Paul Wright, director of business operations in the Tiger Card office revealed the decision made by the request for proposals (RFP) committee. The committee chose to stay with Aramark, Trinity’s current dining services provider. Tuttle, Bravo and Wright explained the decision-making process, and Juan Luevanos, sophomore senator and part of the RFP committee, described the experience.



Claire Burrus, a senior and member of the Loon-E Crew dance team, and Frances Stone, a junior and member of the Prowlers dance team, presented on behalf of the Momentum dance show. $1,476.71 was requested to cover the costs of a videographer, photographer, marketing and t-shirts. The full amount was approved.

The Trinity Muslim Student Association requested $3,800.33 for their second Henna Night. The proposed amount would cover the cost of 15 outfits, food, soda and four professional henna artists. SGA approved the amount of $3,066.89, which covers the cost of seven outfits, no soda and three professional henna artists.

The Trinity University Latin Association requested $1,991.78 that would cover the costs of food and decorations for De Colores. SGA approved $210, which does not include the cost of food.

Recreational Sports requested $24,161 to pay for the increased number of student working in the Bell Center and requested $16,942.51 to pay for club sports. SGA only approved the amount for club sports: $16,942.51.



Benjamin Gonzalez, a sophomore senator, raised concern about the use of BCycle. President Amulya Deva, junior, agreed and reminded senators to promote the resource. (Gonzalez is an opinion columnist for the Trinitonian.)



President Deva reminded officers that bylaw revisions are coming soon, the RFP town hall was upcoming and to promote BCycle.

Vice president Rachel Daniel, junior, gave an updated amount that remains of the student activity fee, $13,904.38. Daniel told the senators that Gary Logan, vice president of finance, will be giving a presentation next week.