Photograps from Charlie Morriss BLOODshotbloodSHOT

Artist Spotlight: Current events through the lens of Charlie Morris

University professor's photography project selected to be featured in Luxembourg exhibition
Ashley Allen, Arts Columnist September 9, 2021

I sat down with Charlie Morris, mixed media artist and adjunct professor in the art and art history department, to talk about his recent work. Morris’s photography project, BLOODshotbloodSHOT, shot in...

Quinn Bender Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Student Artist Spotlight: Quinn Bender

Savannah Wahlgren September 26, 2019
Combining a passion for photography and experimenting results in a feature on a website
Strategic Communications and Marketing pays students for studying by fountain

Strategic Communications and Marketing pays students for ‘studying’ by fountain

Editorial Staff April 15, 2018

Every college applicant is familiar with the enticing marketing material sent out by universities and plastered all over the front page of their websites. This material consists heavily of idyllic images...

graphic by Andrea Nebhut

Pop art history: Peggy Phelan speaks on Andy Warhol

Abigail Wharton December 4, 2017

Students, faculty, staff and assorted lecture attendees filled every seat and parts of the floor within the Chapman Great Hall the evening of Nov. 14 to hear Peggy Phelan speak as a part of the Stieren...

Junior Katie Sibley appreciates modernist photography. photo by Amani Canada

Exhibition highlights Mexican contributions to modernist photography

Abigail Wharton August 29, 2017

The early 1920s saw a drastic change in the way the world perceived photographs. The transition from commercial product to work of art was nurtured by many famous names, but the San Antonio Museum of Art's...

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