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We don’t need more dead white guys’ literature

Carl Teegerstrom April 22, 2018

Responding to complaints about not reading enough dead white guys by using the work of a dead white guy: In the last issue of the Trinitonian there was a column bemoaning how the Pathways curriculum...


Point/Counterpoint: Why do we still care about awards?

Georgie Riggs February 1, 2018

When this year’s Academy Award nominations were announced last Tuesday, it was hard not to feel excited. Greta Gerwig became the fifth woman to be nominated for best director, Jordan Peele became the...

Point/Counterpoint: Why we should like to thank the Academy

Point/Counterpoint: Why we should like to thank the Academy

Austin Davidson February 1, 2018

It's that time of year again. Actors and actresses wearing their finest statement pieces, and throngs of film buffs huddling around their screens to see if their picks get picked. You know what I'm talking...

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Black lives will always matter

Kayla Padilla January 25, 2018

Dear Isaiah Mitchell, and anyone who agrees with him: Black lives matter. There’s so much to correct, but I’ll begin with the basics, the basics of being a human being. While it seems that “raging...

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Snowflakes in January: What the MLK marches are really about

Ian Dill January 25, 2018

The white victimhood narrative espoused in Isaiah Mitchell’s recent column as the supposed motive for marching is frankly insulting to the thousands of people marching for diverse, warranted and vitally...

Point, Counterpoint: Movie reviews are criminal

Point, Counterpoint: Movie reviews are criminal

Georgie Riggs September 19, 2017

Does anyone really need to read a review in a paper to decide if they want to see "The Avengers 4: Revenge of Kylo Ren"? As someone who loves watching and analyzing movies, I don't look towards reviews...

Point, Counterpoint: Movie reviews are crucial

Point, Counterpoint: Movie reviews are crucial

Austin Davidson September 19, 2017

At their core, movie reviews are opinions. And, like any opinions, you can agree or disagree with them. Now, these specific opinions are written by people who have dedicated their professional lives to...

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