Law school: The best of times, the worst of crimes

Law school: The best of times, the worst of crimes

Prospective law students and law advisor share their experience with Trinity’s pre-law path
Daniel Itkins, Pulse Reporter November 9, 2023

Law school is a costly decision; it can drain you of time and money. However, Trinity students who pursue the pre-law path have opportunities to navigate their career aspirations and ultimately make a...

An unknown conflict

An unknown conflict

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus calls it the world’s “worst disaster”, so why aren’t we talking about it?
Emma Power, Opinion Columnist September 1, 2022

In the first semester of my first year at Trinity, I took Introduction to International Politics, and as a foreign relations nerd, I absolutely loved it because we got to take deep dives into international...

Luke Tunstall awarded C. Oswald George Prize for statistics paper

Luke Tunstall awarded C. Oswald George Prize for statistics paper

Logan Crews January 23, 2020
Co-authored lesson on gerrymandering draws acclaim
A briefing on the Mock Trial Club

A briefing on the Mock Trial Club

Maria Zaharatos January 23, 2019
Club members share the history, experience and accomplishments of the Mock Trial Club
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Departments across campus search for new faculty

Gabriella Garriga January 23, 2019
Departments look to fill niches to fulfill curricular needs
Eduardo Cabral Balreira, right, attended a workshop this past summer to learn how to use mathematics to solve the issue of gerrymandering.  Balreira uses predictive analytics to do this.  Photo provided by Eduardo Cabral Balreira

Math professor takes on gerrymandering

Bobby Watson March 22, 2018

This past summer, Eduardo Cabral Balreira, associate professor of mathematics, attended a workshop put on by The Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group (MGGG). The group was started by Moon Duchin,...

Photo by Amani Canada, photo editor

Lecture addresses the “new Cold War”

Noelle Barrera February 22, 2018

In his lecture The New Middle East Cold War, F. Gregory Gause attempted to explain the causes of the current Middle Eastern political crisis by focusing on the effects of destabilizing states. Gause...

photo by Amani Canada

Make the most of liberal arts courses

Manfred Wendt November 1, 2017

As college kids, we don't know much, but as a result of the Trinity experience, we become informed on a plethora of issues. I know that I came to Trinity in order to get a political science degree and...

One year of Trump. Graphic by Andrea Nebhut

One year of Trump

Cathy Terrace November 1, 2017

As the one year anniversary of President Trump's election rolls around, students reflect on the new administration following the surprising upset against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. "My...

Katsuo Nishikawa  lectures on site at Hiroshima. This place is directly below where the atomic bomb detonated. Photo courtesy of Katsuo Nishikawa

Political science department to offer one fewer study abroad option

Kaylie King September 12, 2017

Correction: This article originally stated that the political science department altered its policies regarding study abroad courses. It was only a coincidence that the courses that involved trips to Berlin...

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