A hot topic across the nation right now is whether or not kneeling during the national anthem demonstrates a protest of the American flag. Photo by Allison Wolff

Taking a knee: Protest within sports and how it applies to us

Hailey Wilson October 3, 2017

If you have consumed any sort of media this past week or two, chances are you have seen and heard all about the national anthem protests that are sweeping across the nation. Athletes from the NFL, MLB,...

Jonathon David Jones speaks to members of BSU and PRIDE about activism on college campuses. Photo by Amani Canada

BSU welcomes all students to join

Kaylie King September 6, 2017

Trinity's Black Student Union (BSU) started the semester off with both a social event and a speaker. Tahlar Rowe, president of BSU and senior political science major, explained the purpose of the organization. "Essentially...

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