Balancing the freedoms of speech and protest

Balancing the freedoms of speech and protest

Ava Peinhardt, Opinion Columnist March 24, 2022

In the fight for human rights, protest is unavoidable. Normally, protest is a way to call for the change we seek, but protests can do more harm than good if they begin to infringe upon other personal freedoms....

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Student-athletes share thoughts on protests in sports

Gail Grady September 30, 2020
Professionals' outspokenness on social issues causes mixed reactions among Tigers
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“Shut up and play” not an option now or ever

Paige Wallace September 9, 2020
Opinion: Athletes have every right to speak out on political and societal issues
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Student Involvement drafts revisions to campus policies, this time with student input

Jolie Francis February 6, 2019
Campus protest policy is currently under review
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Breaking outside the United States border

Andja Bjeletich January 24, 2018

Twinkling lights, the sweet smell of hot cocoa, and the heat from a yule log are typical American traditions during Christmas time. International students, however, often have different holiday traditions. Sophie...

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