Photo credit: Kaitlyn Curry

What the fork? And other ethical issues

Rafaela Brenner October 19, 2018

Feeling stressed after taking that midterm? Did that horror movie shake you to your core? No problem: the time has come again to purge all fear from your mind and fall back on an amusing rerun of "Friends,"...

Kerry Madden, Lamonte Brooks, Ren Hill, Mac Holt, Nabeel Gaber

Say “yes, and…” to student improv group Buddy Buddy

Rafaela Brenner September 23, 2018

For the average Trinity student, the day can, at moments, feel overly structured by classes, jobs and extracurriculars, to name just a few items that might be on your Google Calendar. But if you’ve...

Sci-Find a new film with the Classical Film Series

Rafaela Brenner August 25, 2018

This semester, Trinity University’s Classical Receptions Film Series will present “Ancient Histories of the Future,” primarily focusing on films within the science fiction genre. The...

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