COVID and housing

Trinity alumni respond to reinstated residency requirement

The alumni express concern over the reinstatement
Isabel Chavez, Pulse Reporter March 17, 2021

“Ghost town” has been a popular description for campus life this year due to the lack of in-person events and significantly fewer people wandering around campus. While it’s been a great perk for...

Freshmen Dorm Miller

Students express concern over reinstatement of residency requirement

3 year residency requirement will be enforced with exceptions
Emma Utzinger, News Reporter March 7, 2021

In an email sent to Trinity students, Sheryl Tynes, vice president for Student Life, announced the reinstatement of the three-year residency requirement. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, only first-years...


Aligning Trinity values with independent living

Max Towers February 7, 2018

A college degree assists in landing a great job, being an alumnus of Trinity University grants unmatched connections, but three years in a campus dormitory threatens confusion and uncertainty after graduation....

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