Mabee Dining Hall explodes, students undisturbed

Editorial Staff April 16, 2018

Partly in anticipation of coming changes to Trinity University dining and partly as a reaction to numerous one-star reviews from esteemed Instagram food critic @mabeefoodreviews, Aramark officials decided...

Strategic Communications and Marketing pays students for studying by fountain

Strategic Communications and Marketing pays students for ‘studying’ by fountain

Editorial Staff April 15, 2018

Every college applicant is familiar with the enticing marketing material sent out by universities and plastered all over the front page of their websites. This material consists heavily of idyllic images...

Illustration by Yessenia Lopez

A look into the basic tailgating experience

Elise Hester September 19, 2017

Saturdays are for the boys, but you go to Trinity University, where tailgating consists of Kappas playing fake beer pong on Prassel Lawn. So you decide to visit The One Person You Know at Not Your School...

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