Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

Defend women for the right reasons

Natalia Salas May 2, 2019

Illustration by Genevieve HumphreysToo often, the argument that someone is a sister, mother, girlfriend or daughter, is used in order to combat sexual assault and harassment. While I understand where this...

Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

#NotAllMen is harmful to women

Natalia Salas February 13, 2019

Illustration by Genevieve HumphreysEvery day, we hear of women getting groped at their jobs or sexually assaulted at clubs or drugged at parties and so on. While I’m glad that I see a lot of men...

Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

#MeToo in academia

Noelle Barrera October 1, 2018

The topic of sexual assault, harassment and misconduct has been in the news recently, with the issue of Brett Kavanaugh being nominated for the Supreme Court after allegations of assault against him. Many...

The #MeToo moment: Time to re-examine our worldviews

The #MeToo moment: Time to re-examine our worldviews

David Pooley February 26, 2018

We finally — finally! — seem to be at a watershed moment for the abolition of tacit acceptance of rampant sexual harassment. It has been a long time coming, and there is reason for cautious optimism...

Porn, casual sex and the #MeToo movement

Porn, casual sex and the #MeToo movement

Maddie D'iorio February 14, 2018

Co-signed by Luke Ayers When the stories of sexual assault, harassment and general impropriety began to surface, often with #MeToo, neither of us were particularly surprised. We really, really wanted...

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