Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Maury, the Maverick: Why one San Antonio mayor captured Trinity researchers’ attention

Kathleen Creedon April 16, 2020
Students collaborate with Comm. chair Jennifer Henderson to produce book of their research
Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Nina Nevill uncovers African American history in San Antonio

Noelle Barrera February 21, 2019
Nevill and history professor Carey Latimore are recording a book about San Antonio's civil rights movement
Photo credit: Genevieve Humphreys

On-campus summer research and internship opportunities accepting applications

Kaylie King January 24, 2019
Programs like the Mellon Initiative, ALE now looking for applicants

Summer arts researchers hone their crafts

Rafaela Brenner August 25, 2018
Students gained research experience this summer through Trinity’s Mellon Initiative
Students get involved in summer research and internships

Students get involved in summer research and internships

Noelle Barrera August 15, 2018
Opportunities for students to learn and grow
Relax And Do Designs founders Jamie Procter and Sarah Fordin present their product during the second round of the Stumberg competition. Photo by Chloe Sonnier

Meet the finalists of the Stumberg Competition

Meredith Goshell October 25, 2017

Every year, Trinity University hosts the Stumberg Venture Competition, an event for student startups styled after "Shark Tank." In the spring of 2017, students entered their new ideas and companies for...

PINO DI BUDUO (right) and ALEXIS JARRETT (left)  during an exercise in interactive theater 
photo provided by ALEXIS JARRETT

Seeing and making: Researching the arts in Italy

Abigail Wharton August 22, 2017

Juniors Alexis Jarrett and Beverly Morabito had the extraordinary opportunity to take their own craft to Italy this summer alongside Kyle Gillette, associate professor of theater and director of theater. The...

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