Reduce, reuse, ReWear

Reduce, reuse, ReWear

Give your clothes a second chance
Ava Peinhardt, Opinion Editor September 15, 2023

Tucked away in the Tiger’s Den of the Coates Student Center, there’s a little alcove filled with steel racks, hangers and clothes that are free for the Trinity community to take. The ReWear Closet,...

Plastic products are the past

Plastic products are the past

Easy, affordable and sustainable swaps that can prevent plastic consumption
Ava Peinhardt, Opinion Columnist April 20, 2023

Single-use plastics dominate our daily lives, and they’re getting harder to ignore. Around 380 million metric tons of plastic are produced annually, and though that doesn’t all fall under single-use...

The struggle to be sustainable

The struggle to be sustainable

Trinity’s stance on sustainability is preventing true change
Ava Peinhardt, Opinion Columnist April 20, 2023

Throughout my time at Trinity, I’ve been involved in quite a lot, but nothing more so than the endeavor to improve our campus sustainability endeavors. Between increasing our rate of recycling, reducing...

Sidewalk Symposium: Students and sustainability

Students share the sustainable practices they maintain at Trinity.
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter April 20, 2023

Sustainability can seem rather inaccessible while in college, as many aspects of our lives are fundamentally out of our control. Although college students lack some agency over their level of sustainability,...

Greener pastures with Chartwells?

Greener pastures with Chartwells?

Call for accountability amid the promise of more sustainable dining
Ava Peinhardt, Opinion Columnist March 2, 2023

When Trinity announced that it would be switching its dining services provider to Chartwells after 50 years with Aramark, I was pleasantly surprised. Our relationship with Aramark was one fostered over...

Sustainability justifies consumerism

Sustainability justifies consumerism

Rachel Oliver, Opinion Editor February 16, 2023

Fast fashion has been on the hot seat for the past few years. The industry epitomizes affordable mass consumption at the price of ethical practices and the environment. Consuming more for the price of...

Various types of waste can be disposed of in these bins around campus.

EcoAllies take issue with CityVista recycling situation

Trinity’s hands-off approach to recycling leads to confusion at the school’s apartments
Monica Martinez, News Reporter November 3, 2022

Recycling bins and signage adorning the Trinity campus in residence halls and academic buildings is one way the university adheres to recycling practices. Students living in on-campus residence halls have...

Current state of beehives on top of CSI

Guest Column: Trinity’s red bricks are greenwashed

What campus looks like without a sustainability coordinator position
Grace Magavern, Guest Columnist October 6, 2022

Generation Z recognizes climate change as a serious threat. We have been taught since elementary school that greenhouse gasses cause sea levels to rise and a more severe climate. We recognize the climate...

Dodging taxes or saving the planet?

Dodging taxes or saving the planet?

Profits and politics in the fight against climate change
Ava Peinhardt, Opinion Columnist September 29, 2022

Since its creation in 1973, the outdoor retail company Patagonia has stood for the sustainability of its production processes and encouraged its customers and employees to appreciate the natural world....

Option 1

A look into Eco Allies

The club aims to further improve Trinity’s sustainability efforts
Emma Utzinger, News Reporter November 18, 2021

The TU Eco Allies are an active club in the Trinity community committed to starting sustainability initiatives and raising awareness for environmental justice. The officers of the club are dedicated to...

Greenwashing: The latest trend in fast fashion

Greenwashing: The latest trend in fast fashion

Even when consumers are aware of environmental harm, why do fast fashion retailers continue to grow?
Ameena Khan, Opinion Columnist September 23, 2021

This past August, Chinese ultra-fast fashion retailer SHEIN launched SHEINCares For Animals. Paired with an assortment of cheap T-shirts and tote bags promoting the cause, the campaign pledged to donate...

Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Sustainability committee searches for composting system fix

Rebecca Wicker October 17, 2019
TU’s Earth Tubs begin to deteriorate, prompting search for new initiative
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