Superstition and tradition: athlete’s pre-game rituals

Superstition and tradition: athlete’s pre-game rituals

An insider’s look at the pre-game traditions of Trinity Athletes
Caleb Reed, Sports Reporter April 28, 2022

Pregame traditions mean something different to every athlete at almost every level of sport. Designed to reduce anxiety, these rituals can be anything from listening to a specific type of music to eating...

Debris that fell during the 2021 tower climb, sparking inquiry into the safety of the tower

Tower climb canceled after debris hits student

Concerns about tower construction postpones campus tradition for second year in a row
Emma Utzinger, News Reporter September 9, 2021

This year’s Trinity Tower Climb was cut short as pieces of the tower began to fall, one student being hit in the head by the debris. About 160 first-years were able to participate before it was shut...

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