Tiger Breaks students at one of their planned service trips

Tiger Breaks and The Trinity Bubble

Gabriela Yeackle, Guest Columnist November 3, 2022

Gabriela Yeackle Logistics Coordinator for Tiger Breaks Junior double majoring in English and political science The Trinity Bubble. It’s something every Trinity student, whether newcomer or long-timer,...

Parking Lot next to Laurie Auditorium.

San Antonio’s car centricity reinforces the Trinity Bubble

Students without cars on campus are limited in their opportunities to engage with the city’s culture.
Alejandra Gerlach, Managing Editor September 22, 2022

When Ella Charbonnet, New Orleans native and sophomore marketing major, first came to Trinity one of the differences she noticed between San Antonio and her hometown was the car-centricity resulting from...

Students deserve to choose where they live

Jessica Jennings February 27, 2020
Residence policies should consider benefits of leaving the "Trinity Bubble"
Experience life outside of the Bubble

Experience life outside of “the Bubble”

Editorial Board November 7, 2019

Everyone likes to talk about the "Trinity Bubble." Most Trinity students feel comfortable within this mile radius in which we reside for at least three years, and it's kind of cool that alumni can come...

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