Photo credit: Natalia Salas

Something new: A week-old vegetarian

Natalia Salas October 17, 2018

This week, I decided to try something new, again. As a meat eater my entire life, I became vegetarian for a week. I went seven days refraining from eating meat for the first time in my life, and guess...

Photo credit: Kaitlyn Curry

When everything feels wrong, write

Natalia Salas September 20, 2018

Let me start by clarifying something: I’m a worrier. The sky is blue, my name is Natalia, and I'm always worried about something. I spend a lot of mental energy worrying about things that are dumb,...

Photo credit: Kaitlyn Curry

School’s in session: Faculty, staff in class

Noelle Barrera September 12, 2018

Most students enrolled in Trinity classes are between the ages of 18 and 22, but there’s no time limit to learning. Several Trinity faculty and staff members are enrolled or have been enrolled in...

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Trying something new