GRACE FRYE is shown wearing the outfit she chose to test the theory that you can become more productive by wearing the same outfit everyday. photo by STEPHEN SUMRALL-ORSAK

Dressing for productivity

Grace Frye September 21, 2017

What's for breakfast? Should I walk to school or ride my bike? Is today a makeup day or not? Should I get up right now and work out or sleep for another hour? These questions, plus at least a hundred more...

Elise Hester poses in one of her signature looks. photo by Chloe Sonnier

From uniform to you-niform

Elise Hester September 21, 2017

On a break from college, my 10-year-old brother was shocked to find out that I have a "˜free dress day' every day in college. The school that he attends, which I also attended from kindergarten to 12th...

The womens cross country team sported their new Nike jerseys during their opening meet on Sept. 1. Photo by Allison Wolff

Look good, play good: What it means to be outfitted like a champion

Hailey Wilson September 18, 2017

If you ask any athlete what one of the most crucial elements of their game is, chances are they will mention something about their uniforms. Warm-up suits, cleats, batting gloves and the phrase "Look good,...

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