An Eye for an Eye Part One: A Defense of The Last of Us Part II

An Eye for an Eye Part One: A Defense of “The Last of Us Part II”

Om Dighe, Opinion Columnist January 12, 2021

Revenge has been a staple of pop culture for millennia. From the Shakespearean times of Ye Olde English all the way to the standard-setting modern action film "John Wick," the idea of righting a wrong...

Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

After sudden shutdown, esports are back on(line)

Alejandra Gerlach September 30, 2020

photo by Kate NuelleIn April of 2019, the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) held its first official Division III esports competition, but just a year later, the SCAC had to cancel their second-ever...

Animal Crossing players seek New Horizons

Animal Crossing players seek New Horizons

Kara Killinger April 9, 2020

Illustration by Andrea Nebhut This article is a part of the Trinitonian’s remote coverage due to Trinity University’s response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Click here to read the rest of...

Photo credit: Ren Rader

The decline of couch-cooperative gaming

Benjamin Gonzalez February 6, 2020

Illustration by Ren RaderThe medium of video games, as we know it today, is one of the most interconnected ways to consume media. Unlike with a movie or a TV show, which is a one-way communication between...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

Live like a Sim: Lessons from a sandbox game

Nina Loya September 11, 2019

Illustration by Andrea NebhutThe very first Sims game, created by Will Wright, made its debut on Feb. 4, 2000, as a sandbox PC game. Little did Wright know that a whopping 19 years later, people, like...

The love of the screen

The love of the screen

Austin Davidson November 14, 2018

I was 14 years young when I found “League of Legends,” an online video game where teams of either 3 vs. 3 or 5 vs. 5 battle to destroy one another’s bases. I had been playing video games...

Photo credit: Alexandra Parris

TU Gaming and Classics Department try multiplayer gaming

Noelle Barrera October 17, 2018

What do video games and Ancient Greek texts have in common? TU Gaming and the Classics Department found out. On Oct. 17, in Richardson Communication Center 319, Trinity University Gaming (TU Gaming) hosted...

Matthew Hibbs teaches his computer science class about video games. photo by Allison Wolff, staff photographer

Computer science students create their own video games

Amber Adickes April 4, 2018

Video games have come a long way from the Pac-Man and Tetris days. According to Pew Research Center, about half of American adults played video games on a computer, TV, game console or portable device...

graphic by Tyler Herron

Point/Counterpoint: Esports are evolutionary sports

Tiffany Nguyen February 5, 2018

Within the last decade, esports have been gaining more mainstream attention as more people become interested in online competitive games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), League of Legends...

“This War of Mine” screenshot depicting the repercussions of player decisions during gameplay.

Videogames recreate moral realities of modern war

Gabriel Levine January 24, 2018

One of the great values of art, film, photography and literature is that they are our only means, outside of direct experience, of grasping and confronting the reality of war, history and ideology. Videogames...

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