War, TikTok and the future of Gen Z

War, TikTok and the future of Gen Z

Rachel Oliver, Opinion Editor March 24, 2022

Gen Z was born under the shadows of 9/11, grew up accepting the burden of climate change and matured during COVID. Now, we are seeing a war unfold before our very eyes, witnessing the Ukrainian tragedy...

Russo-Ukrainian War continues

Russo-Ukrainian War continues

War in Europe ravages on, nations worldwide react
Abby Power, News reporter March 17, 2022

On Feb. 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized “special military operations” in Ukraine, attacking the nation on three fronts. Russian forces had already penetrated two separatist eastern...

Photo credit: Andrea Nebhut

World War III memes should send the right message

Benjamin Gonzalez January 23, 2020
Whoever holds the power in a joke makes all the difference
“This War of Mine” screenshot depicting the repercussions of player decisions during gameplay.

Videogames recreate moral realities of modern war

Gabriel Levine January 24, 2018

One of the great values of art, film, photography and literature is that they are our only means, outside of direct experience, of grasping and confronting the reality of war, history and ideology. Videogames...

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