Sophie Radi, senior neuroscience major

Sidewalk Symposium: Whether weather affects us

Students share their thoughts on weather’s effect on their mood and productivity
Omar Ratrut, Pulse Reporter February 1, 2024

Derian Mowen, senior computer science major Do you think the weather can reflect how productive you are? “Absolutely, the weather has a big effect on my productivity as an individual. The cold also...

Photo credit: Ren Rader

Hot looks that won’t make you melt

Dana Nichols September 12, 2019
How to maintain a cool aesthetic on Trinity's sweltering campus
Temperatures plummeted earlier this week, leaving parts of campus frozen, including Murchison Fountain.  Photo by Andrea Nebhut, staff illustrator

Winter weather shuts down Trinity’s campus

Jordan Bruce January 16, 2018

After days of warmer-than-seasonal weather, temperatures plummeted in the early hours of Tuesday and have remained low all week. Trinity’s faculty, staff and students buckled down as a blast of cold...

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